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Great course and brilliant instructor
Had a brilliant time on the course, Dom was encouraging and really brought the best out of the group. There was a relaxed atmosphere as well as covering serious topics which made the experience very memorable. The Marina accommodation was fantastic and amazing value. If I do any more powerboat courses I’ll definitely be back. Thanks
17/11/2019 14:33:31
Build your confidence with the Coastal Skipper course
Just completed the Coastal Skipper course with SBT and a great crew, this is an amazing course to build your confidence and ability to sail. I would like to thank our instructor Noel an amazing guy with exceptional knowledge and leadership skills, even in very rough seas morale and confidence remained at the highest level. SBT is a brilliant organisation with a great team behind it and I can’t recommend a better centre. I wish Dominic all the very best in becoming a Yacht Master Instructor himself, he will be an incredible asset to any training centre.
16/11/2019 15:32:43
Excellent Day Skipper Course!
Great week, great course. Learning was never so much fun. Skipper Noel was a true legend, very patient, great teacher and made everyone on the boat feel comfortable and involved. The boat itself was first class and sailed very well. I'll definitely go back and do my Coastal Skipper next.
08/11/2019 15:43:02
Powerboat Level 2 Powerboat Handling and RYA VHF course
I participated in the 2 day Powerboat Level 2 training on 26 and 27 Oct 2019. I found the course was very comprehensive and the instructor, Chris, very thorough. His approach was firstly to ask what the students expected from the course and what they considered as important in the various aspects of the course. This was written on a board and these points were then discussed in detail.Any missing important aspects then added. This created a good instructor - student rapport rather than the "I will lecture to you" approach. The classroom training was then followed up with practical training on board, on the water. The course included an introduction to boating in the worst weather that the UK could offer, at no additional charge! Fortunately the next day was sunny. Well done SBT, highly recommended.
30/10/2019 15:51:52
Fun and great training
I've attended a couple of courses at SBT, both have been excellent. In the summer I did the level 2 power boating course with Chris. Lucky with the weather, we had a great couple of days. Chris has extensive experience with RIBs and was a great instructor, very patient! There were only three of us and by the end we were all competent at maneuvering, parking up and motoring at speed. Then over the past two weekends, I have been studying Day Skipper theory. Our instructor Matt made the course fun, backing up what we were learning with related experiences he had encountered over the years. There were seven of us and we all got individual attention when stuck, which then got shared around the group. I am so glad I attended a course, there is a lot too learn and both the teaching and sharing of information around the group was invaluable. It's not a course that I would want to do online, I would learn so much less that way. And it would be less fun. I wouldn't hesitate to do other course here (in fact my VHF radio course is already booked) and I will be scrutinising the calendar for other upcoming courses. The facilities are good and they put you up for the night on a yacht if doing consecutive days; I also think the prices they charge for their courses are very good value. On a final point, the over-riding impression I have had over the two courses is a bunch of very knowledgeable and friendly instructors, which puts you at ease. I can imagine it's quite a fun and happy environment to work in.
28/10/2019 15:59:10
excellent sailing navigation course & also great fun power boat course
I've done two courses here.... First course was a 2 days powerboat course which was both informative and also very practical with good amount of time spent out on the water (we were very lucky with the sunny weather). I found the teaching to be relaxed but very well delivered to keep you engaged and focused on the priority areas. I then decided to do my day skipper navigation theory also with solent boat training - again the standard of teaching was very high.... covering all the areas but in bit size pieces and also communicating the safest, fastest and best ways from their experience to use charts, plan passages and general sea skills. Would recommend beyond an online course for 3 main reasons: - you'll actually really do it (5 days and most people are done) - it's more fun doing with others & you learn form their questions & mistakes - you get the practical view of what is a priority & can ask lots of other questions to the instructor or get personalised help on any sticking points highly enjoyed the course & the school. Excellent and experienced teachers. Cheap/free accommodation on a boat right next to the school (do look and book this... I thought was automtially included the first time & found was fully booked). Also get free voucher for the VHF course which I'll take up. For me, the variety and quality of courses for their price is very good value
27/10/2019 16:13:38
There's Always Something to Learn!
I've been sailing on and off for 55 years and found that I still had a lot to learn. The RYA Day Skipper is a great course and really got into the nitty gritty. I shared the yacht with another Day Skipper recruit and 2 Competent Crew novices. It was good combination which worked into a well oiled efficient machine by the end of the week. Noel, our instructor was superb. He identified our issues, worked them through and made sure we had it fixed. We all met up in the office and enjoyed a cuppa before setting of with some useful water tight skins. I say useful, because we endure some solid rain through the week and not a drop of water passed through. We were billeted on a 38' Bavaria which was well suited to our needs. They are a comfortable practical yacht. I've been sailing on Bavaria's fr the last 18 years in the Mediterranean and they do their job. well. An ideal yacht for training. The first day we were soon into the sailing with the the yacht cranked over at 45°. A great start for the novices and also for the me, as I was a bit rusty not having sailed for a couple of years. I was soon down below brewing up at what seemed an impossible angle, I only split my tea!!!! We sailed up and down the Solent all week, practising what was necessary until we got it right. Using the tidal stream and wind to your own advantage cannot be taught online, you have to be there. Having not been in a tidal stream for over 20 years really got me working and thinking. Most of the stuff we did the novices got a crack at as well. We had lunch on-board each day and enjoyed some really quaint pubs for evening meals on the Isle of Wight. It was a good way to end the day. All the facilities we used on shore, showers and toilets were top. If you want a really good week, where you can learn some important boating skills while actually on holiday, I can highly recommend Solent Boat. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will return in the future to further my skills.
26/10/2019 16:18:12
Day skipper theory
I attended this as I want to charter in the Med. Having sailed for years and having already passing my Day skipper 29 years ago I talked to SBT and asked if they thought I could go straight into the Dayskipper practical. The reply, no, as you need during the practical to be able to respond when asked a question so I attended in case I'd forgotten something. Well I had! I'd used electronics for years and felt very confident up and down the coast and cross channel but didn't realise I didn't fully know how much I'd forgotten around the theory.(you don't know what you don't know) So it was a great refresher. The instructor was excellent at explaining things as well as recollecting her experiences throughout her sailing career. So I'd recommend it.
26/10/2019 13:09:21
Coastal Skipper Course
Excellent Coastal Skipper course with SBT last week. Tom is a first class trainer and people person explaining not only the how but also the why. 12 knots through Hurst with the kite up, real fog for a blind pilotage, excellent food and company, does it get any better
26/10/2019 13:07:20
Power boat 2
Great experience. Top quality ribs nd equipment used for training. Plenty of time spent out on the water with a very knowledgeable and competent instructor - Brian. Will be going back to Solent Boat Training for my level 3 power boat and yacht master course.
23/10/2019 13:10:37
Day Skipper Practical - Excellent
Just completed Day Skipper Practical with SBT. Really impressed with all aspects of the contact I’ve had with these guys right from the start. Firstly they are reasonably priced (and run courses regularly throughout the year. The joining instructions were detailed and told you everything you need to know in advance and what you need to take etc. After arriving at the office and being issued with good quality fowl weather gear we met the rest of the students (2 comp crew and another day skipper), meaning there were 5 on the boat. Our skipper - Paul was very knowledgeable although he did have this annoying habit of every now and then turning into some kind of pop quiz master and asking strange questions about balls and horns! Top tip - study you markes, lights, sounds and shapes!! Seriously though, the instruction was very effective and well presented on a level that made it easy to understand for everyone and was easily absorbed. The style of instruction was spot on for the crew profile we had. Paul was very good and pointing out errors in a way that was constructive and helpful and allowed you an opportunity to learn from them. Spent lots of time sailing around the Solent in some good winds and able to cover off everything with enough time to re visit and practice anything we needed to. The yachts are well looked after and well equipped. Probably some of the better sail training /charter boats I’ve been on. Really good week with lots of fun and laughs, but learned loads. Very impressed with SBT, Paul and all the team. Will certainly recommend them to anyone thinking of sail training. Thanks for great week
19/10/2019 13:14:30
Powerboat 2 Course, Great instructor and course
I had a greqat time on this course I had limited knowledge and found the course very interesting informative, whilst being fun too. The instructor (Dom) made sure that even though the weather was not the best we got the most out of the course by changing the days around a bit. I will be back again for both Day Skipper theory and Advanced powerboat courses. Overall a great course at a great price. Cant recommend highly enough.
19/10/2019 13:12:54
Comp Crew (5 days) - Phenomenal for newbies
Went into this course with no prior knowledge of sailing, nor experience! But with the help of our amazing instructor (Paul) and all his extensive knowledge, I managed to learn the basics and become a useful crew member in merely days The crew mixture was carefully planned by the training centre with a 50/50 split of comp crew members and day skippers and worked brilliantly, allowing both sides to bounce everything they've learned so far off one another and coordinate the vessel we trained on as a team. The experience was great and I really felt like I learned a lot. Our instructor made sure to push us hard, but kept us smiling, all while we faced strong winds and rough waves out on the solent. Absolutely recommend this course to anyone with an interest in sailing
16/10/2019 13:16:06
Comp Crew/ Day Skipper week
Fantastic week with a great instructor (Paul) and crew. Had been a little worried about the weather in October. However was put totally at ease with Pauls mass of knowledge, understanding and guidance. Couldn't have asked for more. The split of 2 comp crew and 2 day skippers worked really well, allowing us to learn from them and have enough to keep us all busy. Thank you for a great week! It was emotional! Will be back soon :) T
15/10/2019 13:19:33
5d Day Skipper Training
Thanks for 5 days intensive day skipper practical training, expertly delivered by Paul with a depth of knowledge and skill any salty sea dog would be in awe of. The mix of 2 skipper and 2 crew was a perfect balance to learn from each other as Paul pushed us to our limits, whilst keeping it fun. Our progression and development was measured in the widening smiles of our achievements though out the week. Incredible journeys start here. Want to challenge yourself as day skipper or competent crew, book yourself in, you won't regret it! Andrew H
15/10/2019 13:18:17
Jim L
Amazing week doing Day Skipper practical. Very challenging conditions but amazing fun with a fantastic crew on board. Paul (instructor) showed incredible patience and humour whilst passing a mere fraction of his vast boating know-how on. Would certainly recommend and couldn't fault. Jim
14/10/2019 13:21:57
One Day Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance Course A+
I've been sailing for years but although I thought i had a handle on engine maintenance I still learnt a lot from this course. I couldn't fault the day, the training given and the facilities were excellent. The day shot by as the trainer kept us all engaged.
14/10/2019 13:20:40
Leisurely day on the water
Matthew and his crew are friendly and enthusiastic. You can get involved with the sailing or just sit back and relax, or a bit of both. Tasty selection for lunch!
13/10/2019 13:23:23
Excellent courses
I have just finished a third course with Solent Boat Training. The day skipper course this week was fabulous. The quality of the tuition, the standard of the boat and equipment, and the overall atmosphere and friendliness experienced made for an excellent week. Previously on a mile-building trip, and a competent crew trip, I was similarly impressed.
12/10/2019 13:24:36
Diesel engine course
Good training course following the RYA syllabus with a few extra nuggets thrown in to boot. The classroom facilities are good enough and the price also met the mark and expectation level. Shamrock quay marina offers free parking and there is also an EV charging point if you have gone electric in your car.
11/10/2019 13:37:12

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